ENB to implement E-ID System

East New Beitain province has agreed to implementthe electronic identification or E-ID card system.

Public servants representing attended a one-day workshop atthe Kokopo Primary School hall organized bythe National Statistical Office. The workshop consisted representatives from schools, churches and government departments.

East New Beitain’s acting provincial administrator Edward Lamur officially openedthe workshop, giving his province’s support to work togther withthe National Statistics office and Huawei technologies.

The E-ID card system said to make identification and verification processes easier for Papua New Guineas to access government’services.

Huawei technologies representative Anthony Raymond saidthe system will improverthe trust factor. Also,the E-ID card system will be a foundation for decision making and planning inthe all sectors ofthe society.

Konny Nukwa, a member ofthe South Seas Evangelical church who attendedthe workshop to get first-hand information. He was concerned thatthe E-ID card system involved microchips andthe mark ofthe beatst or 666 inthe book of revelations.

The second part ofthe workshop involved discussions on mechanisms that will enablethe implementation ofthe system inthe four districts.

Amongthe benefits of havingthe project set up,they raised concerns about locals accessingthe E-ID offices that will be set up. These included road access, security, lack of telecommunications infrastructure andthe misconceptions ofthe project that may prevent locals from registering.

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