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EMTV Reporters Assaulted

EMTV’s Lae based journalis Edwin Fidelis, was assaulted by the owner of Bismarck Maritime, Hamish Sharp, whilst accompanying a government sanctioned task-force investigating the influx of illegal foreign workers.

Mr. Sharp also assaulted another EMTV staff member, grabbing him by the shirt in an attempt to remove him from his office. 

Police who tried to break up the altercation subdued to him at the car park after Sharp continued to pursue his assault.

Upon invitation by the Immigration task-force, Lae crew accompanied the team to the Bismarck Maritime Company Premises.   

The taskforce was acting on intelligence that there were foreign workers who were allegedly in breach of work permit conditions.

At the gates, the security guards, of Nepalese origin checked the incoming vehicles.

The task-force were inspected and asked for identification documents and were later advised by the Nepalese security men to talk to the company owner, Hamish Sharp.

“You have no right to be in my office,” Sharp said.

He then demanded a warrant from the task-force and demanded that they leave the company premises.

The EMTV crew left the building after the initial quarrel. 

At the car park, EMTV staff, Jimmy Iyona, became the main subject of Mr. Sharp’s wrath. 

Footage filmed by Edwin Fidelis shows police officers struggling to restrain Mr. Sharp during the confrontation. It took several minuets before Mr. Sharp was finally subdued by police officers.   

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