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Emergency smart: how to be prepared before a disaster strikes

Emergencies and disasters often occur when we least expect them to. Being prepared for emergencies gives us the power to be in control of emergency situations. The best way to be prepared is to learn and know the type of emergencies most likely to occur in your area, and understanding the risks you are faced with.

Being emergency prepared can be easy as the three steps listed below.

  1. Get a first aid kit: get a kit with all necessary items needed.
  2. Make a plan: plan effectively for your family and community.
  3. Be informed: understand the risks you and your community are in so that you know what to do and how to be safe.

Below are a few points to note for a smooth flow during an emergency:

  • Important documents

Place all important documents in a safe place. For efficiency sake, keep all files and documents together in a folder.

  • An emergency backpack

Have a bag packed with all necessities to avoid time-wasters during emergencies. The backpack should include:

  • first aid supplies and medications
  • battery-powered radio with extra batteries
  • torch
  • extra clothing, towel and blankets
  • Important documents/ family documents: birth/marriage certificates etc.
  • If you have a baby make sure to have a separate emergency back pack with all the necessities the baby would need.

Keep the bags stored away at a reachable location to avoid chaos during an emergency; also, remember to update your backpack according to changing needs of your family and check and replace your supplies throughout the year.

Family/community emergency plan

During any emergency, there will always be panic and confusion, a plan helps members of the family or community to follow through and be on path despite the scare.

Create an emergency plan for your family/community; this should be a set of simple guidelines in briefing members the safest location to meet in any emergency. This should also include a meeting place if the family is separated during time of evacuation.

Designate a contact person who can be reached if family members get separated. Make sure every family member has each contact information.

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