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January 16, 2021
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Elysium: A Film Review

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It isthe year 2154. Earth has become a desolate and depressing place. The air is dirty,the people are dirty andtheir lifestyles are filled with filth, sickness, depression and despair. Everyone on earth wants to go to Elysium.

Elysium is a created mechanical paradise floating just outside ofthe earth’s orbit wherethe citizens who livethere have more than enough. The only commodity that earth citizens wantthe most is to become citizens of Elysium and to have access to medical machines that can cure any health ailment.

Max Da Costa (Matt Damon), has been released from prison and does not want to go back. He has taken a job atthe local robot factory. One day, at his job he gets exposed to a high level of radiation and is told he has only 5 days to live.

As a desperate man on a mission to save his own life, Max joins forces with a band of earth criminals and his best friendto get to Elysium.Inthe race to extend his existence he stumbles uponthe solution to closethe gap between Elysium’s haves and Earth’s have-nots. 

Elysium was written and directed by South African born, Neill Beomkamp. His unique way of story-telling, differentiates his films from Hollywoods’ repetitive film formats. Elysium follows inthe shadows of his first cinematic hit District 9 which received rave reviews inthe US.

Jody Foster is cast asthe predictable strong female villain of sorts as Secretary Delacourtoa ruthless military/ security leader of Elysium who will use any means necessary to achieve her end goal. New comer tothe screen South African actor, Sharlto Copley emerges as Kruger, a dangerous criminal who carries out Delcourt’s dirty work on earth.

Matt Damon, is seemingly invincible as half robot half human Max Da Costa. Max and his group of rebels will have you rooting for the underdogs ontheir dangerous adventure. If you like happy endings, this film will definitely have you leaving Paradise Cinema feeling good.

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