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Egyptian Women use Facebook as a Medium to Address Domestic Violence

Image: Women in Egypt face widespread sexual harassment and spousal abuse. Crowds pass through a Cairo station, above. PHOTO: EMAN HELA

By Daphne Rasehei – EMTV Online

Facebook has quickly become one of the most used social networking sites. It has grown from what used as a gossip site to include cause-focused advocacy and global issues as part of its information sharing.

An invitation-only Facebook group, ‘Confessions of a Married Woman’ has grown quickly in Egypt, a country where women often face sexual harassment and domestic violence.

In recent years, Egyptian women have tried to challenge social rules. Many are removing their head scarves. A number have taken jobs that were once exclusive to men, such as cabdrivers, mechanics and pilots.

The private group has over 45,000 members to which it allows women in one of the Arab world’s most restrictive societies to open up about topics that remain taboo.

In the group, women discuss cheating husband, love triangles or of confronting an overbearing father or husband. Sexual harassment, domestic violence and female genital mutilation are all deliberated.

The group’s status is a sign that some women want greater freedom and, at least in private as the group safeguards the identities of those who share their stories.

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