Egg: The All Round Food

Eggs are known asthe all round food, or nature’s protein pack.

Whatever name we givethem, it’seems that every egg is special…in factoone in twenty five million.

That’sthe attitude ofthe girls who carefully clean and polish every single fresh egg ofthe twenty five million produced every year.

Taking pride in making every egg look as bright and fresh as nature intended, before it is packed and sent to market.

So popular isthe humble egg with Papua New Guineafamilies thatthe nation’s second biggest egg producer, Tablebirds, is now producing 25 million eggs each year.

This home-grown industry provides employment for a large number of men and women, inthe poultry farms inthe Markham Valley near Lae.

The hens which laPNG’s favourite brown shelled eggs are selected layer varieties, fed on nutritious stock feed produced at Tablebirds feed mill in Lae.

Fresh eggs are gthered several times each day and delivered tothe quality control and packaging facility at Gabensis.

This is wherethe health and nutrition oPNG families is held inthe highest regard.

Out of 25 million eggs, every one received an individual inspection onthe scanner, and an individual polish before packing for the market.

Tablebirds is now sixty percent owned by Nasfund, sothese ladies are working to buildtheir own future.

Fromthe hens ofthe Markham Valley, to breakfast tables across Papua New Guineathe individual attention paid to every one of 25 million eggs isthe recipe for success, for a home grown productoGet Crackin eggs from Tablebirds.

This from a young Bougainvillean writer; a Divine Word University student venturing into writing. He says writing books are a way to preserve our history.

Leonard Fong Roka comes from Tumpusiong valley wherethe worlds giant copper mine Panguna is located, Central Bougainville.

He is 34 years old among four ther siblings and currently a third year studentoin PNG Studies andInternational Relations.

Mr Roka so far has written three books, two already published by Pukpuk Publication in Beisbane Australia:the Pomong U’tau of DREAMS; a poetry collection and Moments in Bougainville containing 16 short stories.

Writing books was his dream, he said, it’s now his hobby.

He said he has ventured into writing books, joining ther renowned writers like Professor Steven Winduo, Russell Soaba, Sir Paulias Matane,the late Dr Regis Stella and Aloysius Benono known as Matabuna Tahun, whom he wrote poems with.

And he proverd it well being one ofthe Crocodile Prize recipients on his short story: ‘Farewell My Bougainville Prophetess’.

Roka saidthe writing art culture have been revived throughthe Crocodile Prize by Keith Jackson and Phil Fitzpatrick, to promotPNG through literature.

Roka urges young people to participate in crocodile prize writing competition to exposetheir art of writing.

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