Effect of Poor Service Delivery In Morobe

The Milford Heaven elementary school is small but it plays an important role inthe ward two suburbs in Lae.


It’s a feeder school to ther primary schools within Lae city.

Bet a few months ago,the school began to see a slight change in its infrastructures.


The classrooms built inthe mid 1990’s and were meant to hold only 40 students’


The numbers of students’coming here have risen to more than 50 students’per class… and teachers have to work long hours to cater tothe increase of students’


“We are now having shift classes… our students’are feeling uncomfortable becausethe classroom is just so overcrowded”, said Asimba Musi,the school’s deputy head teacher.


Andthe management ofthe school is demanding an explanation fromthe Lae city urban authority that fundedthe construction of this structure but never completed it.


“…we’ve waitedthe whole year for the construction ofthe classroom to be completed…it never happened and in two months’ time,the academic will end”,the school chairman Paul Hasu said.

The teachers here believe ifthe classroom is constructed, it will cut down onthe overcrowding of students’per classroom.


The concern raised comes at a time whenthe school is trying to accommodatethe national governments free education policy.


About two months,the Morobe governor Kelly Naru blasted public servants inthe Province for poor delivery of services tothe Morobeatns.  


“We are not doing enough…” Governor Naru said.

The Milford Heaven elementary is one ofthe many schools in Morobe province that have raisedthe issue. Betthere are many more schools with similar situations that haven’t spoken out yet.

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