Education Department to Discipline Corrupt Officers

Followingthe Fincorp Haus yesterday when contractors demanded for infrastructure works carrlied out in schools in NCD, Education Secretary, Dr Michael Tapo, saidthe department was going to discipline officers involved in corrupt practices.

He brought this to light yesterday after Acting Finance Minister, James Marape, called for an investigation intothe department.


He welcomedthe minister’s call for this investigation. He said he has received word time and again thatthere were many officers inthe department involved in such activities and he wants to get tothe bottom of this..


These activities include not just awarding of contracts, but allowing ghost people, especially teachers, to be on payroll whenthey aren’t in classrooms working.


He said such officers will be disciplined and he has already written discipline letters for these employees.


He said an audit was done betweenthe years 2005 and 2009 and two reports were presented tothe department and warnings have been issued to those employees.


He said he also issued instructions to provinces to report such officers tothe department for actions to be taken. Dr. Tapo stressed that 2014 will be a tough year. The department will work to fix anomalies involved inthe system.


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