Education Department Supports Jolly Phonics Method

The Department of Education has thrown its support behind a teaching method that’s providing effective in assisting children to read.


Papua New Guinearsquo;s poor literacy levels have promptedthe Education Department to identify effective means of teaching school children how to read independently at elementary school level.

With consultancy assistance from former department secretary Dr. Joseph Pagelio,the Jolly Phonics Method was approverd for trial this year in two NCD schools.


Teachersfromthe Hohola and Wardstrip Elementary schools have been undergoing training atthPNG EducationInstitute, to get skills to teach children how to read through sounding.


Education Acting Secretary Dr. Michael Tapo said this was a vital fundamental for education for the 771,000 elementary school children in PNG


He saidthe ability to read and write were essential in keeping children’s interest in learning throughouttheir school years and well into adulthood.


Beforethe program began withthe school children, a baseline survey was conducted by each class teacher for results comparison.


According to Dr. Pagelio,the results look promising, seein PNG’s standards are benchmarked against England and America, for a broader perspective.


Mid-year evaluation showed that after 15 weeks of teachingthe Jolly Phonics program, majority ofthe students’were able to read.


Dr. Tapo said he would supportthe rollout ofthe program to all schools in NCD firstoand was confident of governments support.


To illustrate this supportoDr. Tapo represented ten thousand kina cheques tothe head teachers of Hohola and Wardstrip Primary Schools.


He said funding would come from a number of avenues includingthe recurrent expenditure for teacher in-service, and development funding for assessment and curriculum.

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