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Earthquake Death Toll Expected to Surpass 300

by Allanah Leahy – EM TV Online

The death toll from a 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck Pakistan’s north-west and Afghanistan yesterday is expected to reach over 300.

At least a thousand are injured, as emergency teams flood both Middle Eastern states to help, the US included.

The earthquake caused tremors in India when it struck remote areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan on Monday afternoon. Several aftershocks from the earthquake were felt in India, which borders Pakistan, causing hundreds to evacuate.

“I was sitting at home when the earthquake happened, and I came out with my children but one of my grandsons started running. I asked him not to run, he continued and then the wall collapsed on him and he was wounded,” Abdul Shukoor, a Kabul resident, told Reuters.

Hospitals are packed in Pakistan’s Chitral District, where the highest death toll has been recorded, while in bordering Afghanistan yesterday, 12 Afghan schoolgirls were tragically killed by a stampede as they fled their building after the earthquake struck.

The US, the United Nations and India have offered disaster assistance, but Pakistan’s Information Minister, last night, said the country is well-equipped to handle disaster operations, and would not appeal for international help.

In Afghanistan, the death toll is expected to surpass 50, with hundreds of houses destroyed. President Ashraf Ghani urged citizens to help wherever possible.

“I demand all Afghans, my fellow countrymen, to help each other if they are in the affected areas. Also, I ask every Afghan to provide accurate information on the casualties and damages so we can start managing help for those who need it,” he said.



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