Dudua School of Experience

As the school holidays slowly wind down, and the new school year begins, Dudua School of Experience in the Simbu Province once again prepares to open its doors.



This is a special school for young men, women and mature age students who wish to master the basic skills of brick laying and other masonry skills that fall under the Technical Vocational Education.


The school was an initiative of a former teacher at Kundiawa Technical School, Willie Bagore, who noticed that after graduating, students never proceeded on to tertiary education and wasted time in consuming alcohol and illicit drugs in the villages.


Dudua School of Experience is located at Mirane, near the border of Kundiawa Gembolg and Gumine Districts of Simbu Province.  The school offers a second chance to young people who have been left out of the formal tertiary education system.


 It also provides skills training for adults who wish to be equipped with skills in bricklaying, plastering, concreting, tiling, stonewall, paving, painting and plumbing.


The incomplete building that stands within the school yard was built by the graduating batch of 2013. These men said they were nobodies when they enrolled at Dudua School of Experience, but now with the necessary skills, they feel useful in their communities.


One elite from Simbu Province, who fully supports the School is the former Secretary for the National Planning Department, Dr. Peter Kora. He has established the Kora Foundation that provides funds to support health and Education Sector where people from Simbu province who wish to get that similar training can apply for assistance.


So far 48 trainees have passed out with vital skills and knowledge and most of them have secured jobs in parts of the Highlands region and in Lae.

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