Drug Smuggler Caught

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Gordon’s Police Station Commander in the Nation’s Capital, Inspector Mark Mosinakave, has blamed Goroka airport officials, for failing to check airline cargo, moving out of the province.

Inspector Mosinakave made this comMen’s, following the apprehension of a drug smuggler from Goroka, at Jacksons Airport this morning.


Lack of monitoring, control and surveillance, he said, resulted in the smuggling.


These bags of marijuana were smuggled from Goroka this morning by a suspect.

Police believe he is involved in drug syndicate activities in Papua New Guinea.


They were packed neatly among vegetables in a travelling bag, a bag pack that went through normal security checks.


According to Inspector Mosinakave, an alert message was sent by informants, that signaled police dressed in civilian clothes, who quickly convened to Jackson’s airport.


An Air Niugini staff member was also apprehended, for assisting the suspect, and paying him seven hundred kina cash.


The frustrated police inspector says, such incidents shouldn’t have occurred if all the airport authorities, including the Air Niugini staff, had played their cards right.


Inspector Mosinakave said, this is a serious criminal offence, and he called on Air Niugini management to investigate the matter.


Police believe major drug syndicate activities are happening in Papua New Guinea especially in Port Moresby nation capital, and the lack of monitoring, control and surveillance, will result in more smuggling activity.


Drugs are illegally smuggled in transit areas such as airports and wharves, that have a link with airline and airport workers.


The suspect has been arrested and charged by Gordon’s Police in Port Moresby, and will face full blank of the law.


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