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DPM Announces New System To Monitor Performance of Departmental Heads

By Rayon Lakingu – EMTV News, Port Moresby

The Department of Personnel Management has initiated a new reform system to manage the performance of all departmental and agency heads.

Department of Personnel Management Minister, Elias Kapavore made this announcement in a reform awareness workshop, hosted by his department today at Gateway hotel.

He said it is required under the constitution that every public servant’s performance is monitored.

In the workshop, departmental heads from the national and district levels were given awareness education on new reform systems.

A new reform system called the Performance Management System is a form that the agency heads must fill when they take up their position.

Minister Elias Kapavore, says under this system, the secretary for Personnel Management will be responsible to monitor the performances of the agency heads. The system will also help monitor their movement, and the use of government vehicles, to make sure they are at the right place at the right time.

The Minister said the PMS form is a must and must be done twice every year, while an online monitoring system will also be launched.

“We’d like to take it further down to the district level, making sure that I also track the performance of my District CEO with regard to implementation of DDA board  resolutions and the presidents of the LLG can also track the performance of their respective LLG managers by also tracking their ward resolutions at the respective LLG levels,” said the Minister.

“In other words, it’s an accountability form. Performance Management System is holding the departmental heads, the managers of all levels becoming responsible, accountable so that whatever they are receiving from the government must be recorded, monitored so that it can achieve results and make an impact to the lives of the citizens of the country”.

Minister Kavapore also added, that when monitoring the performance of everyone, it is also time to build capacity in all levels of the government and strategy making for the future.

The department is also running short courses in the district level, to get people equipped to take up management and leadership roles.

“Non-performance by any departmental head and PA’s is a serious matter. It’s a serious disciplinary offense. It’s not about somebody being appointed and continue to stay on to stay on for the next four or five years term but it is their continuation in terms of performance in those respective positions, based or determined by a performance if they don’t perform, they are given notice and they go.”

“So that’s how serious the form is and I want to I want to say that we are fully supporting this form and we need to keep our departmental heads accountable.”

The awareness workshop was to make them aware of some of the new reforms the government is taking and also to make them aware of their contractual obligations, as the head of their respective organization.


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