Donald Trump Attacks Clinton

By Hope Imaka – EMTV Online

He’s done it again! Donald Trump, the US presidential candidate, has once again caught the headlines with startling comments targeting former US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton.

Trump claimed on Sunday that Clinton “Killed hundreds and thousands of people with her stupidity…” with her decisions as Secretary of State.

“She is the one that caused all this problem with her stupid policies. You look at what she did with Libya, what she did with Syria. Look at Egypt, what happened with Egypt, a total mess.

“She was truly — if not the — one of the worst secretaries of state in the history of the country,” he added.

“She talks about me being dangerous. She’s killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity.

“The Middle East is a total disaster under her,” Trump said.

These statements were made in response to Clinton’s to an interview earlier this week in which she said Trump’s plans to temporarily ban Muslims from travelling to the US was dangerous.

“He has gone way over the line. And what he’s saying now is not only shameful and wrong — it’s dangerous,” Clinton said.

The former Secretary of State said Trump’s proposal alienates Muslims in Western countries and frames terrorism as a clash between Islam and the West, ultimately playing right into the hands of terrorists.

“I don’t say that lightly, but it does. He is giving them a great propaganda tool, a way to recruit more folks from Europe and the United States,” Clinton said.

“And because it’s kind of crossed that line, I think everybody and especially other Republicans need to stand up and say, ‘Enough. You’ve gone too far.'”

This is not the first time Trump has openly attacked the former Secretary of State. Trump had tweeted earlier in April of this year, “If Hilary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?”

One might say with such a great start in the election campaigns, Donald Trump has managed to become infamous with the global community, and slowly yet steadily dig his own grave. 

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