Doctor held at Psychiatic Hospital for exposing corruption

A Practicing Medical Doctor is currently being held at Laloki Phsychiatric Hospital and says he has no idea how he gotthere inthe first place.


Health minister Michael Malabag visitedthe Doctor on Sunday at Laloki after seeing his posts on social networ, Facebook.

Dr Kevin Pondirou looked calm and relaxed when he was brought out to meet Minister Malabag.


Dr Pondirou claimed management atthe Nonga General hospital in East New Beitain was corrupt that funds were being misused.


He tells of his ordeal in March this year where his arms were broken at his home by a group of men.


Then he claims of anther episode where he was badly beaten up by police and thrown intothe Kokopo police cell.


The latest incident he recalls isthe Nonga hospital management holding him down and injecting him with some type of drug.


When he awoke he found himself at here atthe Laloki mental hospital.


“Laloki hospital is not a place for me because I’m not mentally ill, I’m okay,” said Dr Pondirou.

The health minister has directed his health secretary to look intothe matter.


Psychiatrist Dr Uma Ambi is also aware ofthe Doctors arrival atthe hospital.


A full investigation is expected beforethe doctor is released.


Pictured: Health Minister Michael Malabag talking to Dr Kevin Pondirou at Laloki Psychiatric Hospital.

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