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November 18, 2019

DIY Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are becoming increasingly popular in Papua New Guinea, however trying to find them in shops still presents a challenge.

Rather than looking everywhere for your style of ear cuffs, why not make them yourself?!

What you’ll need:

• Pliers
• Jewellery Wire (18 – 21 Gauge)
• Chains (3x)
• Earring Hooks (2x)
• Small Ring Link
• Ruler
• Marker pen

Measure the wire about four to five inches. At one end of the wire, use the pliers to bend it to close off the tip. From the closed end, measure about an inch where it will be bent. This will be done three times (with the help of the pliers), so it makes a zigzag shape. Before the end point is closed off, put through three pieces of chains so it dangles off.

Once it takes its shape (as seen in the picture below) use the marker pen to curve the wire.


If you don’t have a marker pen available, other objects that can curve the wire can be used (like a lipstick cap, etc.); just be careful not to break the chains. You can also straighten the wire out with your hands.

The top part is done.

At the end of the three chains, put each end into the small ring link that is then attached to the earring hook.

Other accessories can be included for more colour and fun, like charms, beads or feathers.

This is much cheaper than buying from a store, and the best thing is you can make it according to your taste of style.

Note that the top part can also be worn without the chains attached to the earring hook.

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