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Dika Toua Takes Gold

Dika Toua has gone down in history as the second female, and fourth Papua New Guinean to win Gold at the Commonwealth Games.

After a week of speculation surrounding the 16 year old Nigerian Gold Medalist, Chika Amalaha who was disqualified for testing positive to a banned substance.

Dika was finally given the gold after Amalaha’s B sample proved there were traces of a number of illegal substances.

While the Commonwealth Games Federation and World Anti-Doping Agency are yet to meet and discuss the consequences of Nigeria’s Chika Amalaha, the people of Papua New Guinea have another reason to celebrate, as Dika Toua has officially won the 4th Gold Medal for PNG.

A man who proclaims to be the proudest man in Papua New Guinea, with so much pride in calling Kari and Toua his tribesman and woman, is Chairman of the Motu Koitabu Assembly, Miria Ikupu. 

Ikupu commends Toua on her honesty and hard work which has certainly come a long way. 

Both Toua and Kari from the village of Hanuabada have made their people proud, and have certainly paved the way for success.

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