Daru Serious In Alleviating Sanitation Issue

Daru Island inthe Western Province continues to show that it is serious about alleviatingthe sanitation issue it currently faces.


For yearsthe township has experienced water shortages and sanitation problems, which contributed to a number of health deficiencies.

The Western province government was onthe island recently to launchthe Daru Island beatutification, garbage and sanitation program.


The program is a government initiative and will be employed yearly. It will provide job opportunities for the unemployed.


The program comes atthe crucial time when Daru Island faces sanitation problems and water shortage.


Provincial administrator Modowa Gumoi’said in May this year that illegal connections and leakages tothe submarine pipe fromthe mainland tothe island have contributed to this.


Whilethe government’steps up to counter this problem,thPNG Sustainable Development Program has begun some work onthe sanitation issue to install a new pipe, worth 52 million kina.


Governor Ati Wobiro was particularly concerned aboutthe health risks. His visits to different parts ofthe province have shown that health deficiencies were a major concern.


The sanitation is only, a small portion ofthe big plans thatthe government has for the province and its former headquarters, Daru. One significant one is bringingthe provincial headquarters back to Daru.


Withthese plans comesthe need to build an office complex to house all public service departments. Administrator Gumoi’s concern now is filteringthe public servants so that honest and accountable people can deliver services to people.


Meanwhile,the Western Province has developed a partnership with Hela province through Governor Anderson Agiru who was a guest atthe program launching. Beth governors officially cutthe ribbon to mark Daru’s new era of development.

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