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January 23, 2021

Dakota Fanning Matures on Screen: First Nude Scene

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She warmed our hearts asthe wide-eyed seven year old child actress who brought depth into touching films such as “I Am Sam”. Today Dakota Fanning, at age 18, is about to embark on a new cinematic journey that marks her metamorphosis from on-screen child actor to adult actress in her latest film, “Very Good Girls”, where she will be seen performing her first nude scene.

Elizabeth Olsen and Beyd Holbrook star alongside Fanning in “Very Good Girls”, a coming of age movie that tells of two friend on a quest to losetheir virginity but end up competing for the attentions ofthe same boy (Holbrook).


Commenting onthe sex scene with Holbrook, Dakota told MTV News “I’ve never done that before and I’m very newly allowed to do that. I was newly 18, so yeah, it was, it’s kind of a sensitive thing, but it’s a part of life.”


The general impression ofthe Star’s nudity inthe film is that of controversy from those who have come to lover and respect Dakota’s work as a serious and intelligent actress who has promoted a wholesome image- on screen and off it.


However, this is notthe first time that Fanning has been embroiled in controversy with two previous occasions of debate, when she appeared as a twelve year old girl in a rape scene fromthe picture “Hound Dog” aged 13, and later in a Marc Jacobs perfume advert aged 17.


Recently expressing her surprise to Glamour Magazine onthe banning ofthe perfume advert inthe UK two years ago, Dakota said, “If you want to read something into a perfume bottle,then I guess you can. Bet it’s also like, Why are you making it about thatoyou creep?”


Ofthe designer she added, “I lover Marc and trust him and we just laughed about it.”


From a girl on-screen to young adultoit will be interesting to see which direction Dakota will take her acting career in, and wether she can maintain our awe and fascination of her as a Hollywood child actor who first stole our admiration.

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