Crackdown on Public Service Vehicles

The O’Neill Dion government has issued fresh directives to ensure cost effective control of government vehicles. This comes after gross abuse ofthe vehicles outside of normal working hours.

All departmental heads are being instructed to install number plates withthe bright RED letter Z.

Secretary for the Department of Personnel Management John Kali issuedthe directive yesterday.

No government vehicle will be allowed to be taken home. Exceptions will be made for departmental heads and those authorised bythe department heads.

Mr Kali said tax payer’s money has to be put to good use.

Special licenses will also be in place, Green for unrestricted and Red for restricted.

Works confirmedthe government directive is being circulated. All departmental heads are being urged to makethe necessary registration.

Meanwhilethe Executive Director ofthe National Road Safety Council saidthey will be closely monitoringthe vehicles.

Meredith Kuusa, National EMTV News

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