CPL Gives Hope to the Unemployed


By Rasehei, Imaka and Liosi – EMTV Online

Life in the nation’s capital for the average Papua New Guinean is fairly difficult, and often a struggle every day to make ends meet. For those who are unemployed, the struggle can be unbearable and often unliveable. This is where companies like City Pharmacy Limited (CPL) come in.

The CPL walk-in interviews kicked off at the Stop ‘N’ Shop Waigani Central car park, on Tuesday, February 9, and are to run for three days, the last day being today. There was a huge turn out and everyone that was there braved the heat till they reached the front of the line.

Lyle Daniel, a 22-year-old graduate at the University of PNG, said “from the line I had to stand in with many other hopeful people, it was a real eye opener that unemployment in PNG is real.”

The second day of the three-day mass recruitment was held at the SVS Harbour City car park. The short rains didn’t halt the procession as more and more people showed up with the hope of acquiring a job.

Jennifer, 21-years-old, from Southern Highlands said “mipla bin traim best lo painim wok wantem ol narapela kampani tasol ol ino alauim, so CPL mekim isi lo mipela, so mipela i hamamas.” (We had tried our best to find a job with other companies but we were unsuccessful, so CPL has made it easier for us and we are very happy).

Max, 20, had this to say about what CPL was doing: “for those of us that missed out on the 2016 selections (to tertiary/college) an opportunity like this was good.”

Loa and Hazel from Hanuabada village in Central province expressed that there are a lot of unemployed people in the city desperate to earn money for their bread and butter. Life in the city is very hard and so an opportunity like this is good; to be given a chance to acquire employment and earn a living.

As CPL wraps up the last day of their mass recruitment drive at SVS Koki today, one can only imagine the number of grateful people whose lives will change being given a job. For those that are unsuccessful, the struggle, the fight, and the hunt for a job continues here in the capital. It just goes to show that the issue of unemployment is persistent.


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