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Correctional Service to Conduct Investigations into the Death of 17 Escapees

The Correctional Service is expected to conduct its own investigations into the circumstances that led to the killing of  17 prisoners who escaped on Friday.

While no official statement has been forth coming from the CS Command, the Police Metropolitan Command, has called on relatives of the remaining prisoners to hand them over to police.

More than 30 prisoners are still at large and an upsurge of crime is expected by police.

From the police perspective, there is also little being said about how the prisoners were shot near the prison compound.

For now, Lae’s Metropolitan Commander, Anthony Wagambie says, the escape now complicates daily police duties.

“We cannot speak for the Correctional Service, they have their own investigations they will conduct,” Wagambie said.

“But this adds to the policing burden we have in Lae City.”

Generally, there has been little show of public sympathy since the shootings.

Early this week, relatives were called to  Lae’s Angau Hospital  to get information on prisoners who had been shot.

Police have also barred the media from taking pictures near the morgue area.

Meanwhile, unofficial sources within the CS command, have said investigations will uncover issues previously highlighted. These are issues already known to the public.

Overseas, Human Rights Watch Australia has issued a statement calling on PNG’s law enforcement agencies to “impartially” investigate the prison break.

They have also called on the PNG government to identify and charge officers who used excessive force.

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