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March 9, 2021

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Pastor Roy had been struggling for years to translatethe Scriptures intothe Kapin language, but he found himself challenged by a lack of advice and guidance. And, he wasn’t alone—eight ther languages inthe Huon Gulf region of Morobe province were without translated Scripture too.

Elsewhere in Morobe,the Malei New Testament translation neared completion. Bet Elisa,the primary translator, felt restless. He knew thatthe Malei Scriptures were already impacting people, such as Pastor Jacob who was excited that he could now prepare sermons and preach in Malei rther than in Tok Pisin PNG’s trade language. Bet Elisa couldn’t stop thinking aboutthe surrounding language groups. What about his brthers and sistersthere who were still waiting for translation help? Berdened bytheir need, in 2010 Elisa andthe Malei translation advisors, John and Amy Lindström, beganthe Huon Gulf Cluster Project.

Now, three years on, translators from four of those languages gther regularly in Lae city for two-week workshops wherethey work togther, guided by experienced translators and linguists fromthPNG Beble Translation Association and SIL. After each workshop participants take copies oftheir work home to get feedback inthe village.

Recently, Pastor Roy took translated portions of Exodus to Kapin speakers living near Lae, includingthe story of how God protectedthe Israelit’s fromthe Egyptians by partingthe Red Sea. When Kapin speaker Mack, a magistrate whose job often puts him into dangerous situations, readthe story, he was amazed. He told Pastor Roy, “I’ve read that story in Tok Pisin and English, but reading it in Kapin makes me realize in a new way what a mighty work God did for his people. It makes me confident that if God looks after his people like that,then He will look after me too when I do my work.”

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