Convicted Prisoner Theo Yasause seen outside prison

The Prime Minister’s office came out publicly to informthe general public that convicted felons were reported to have been seen aboutthe community.

Chief Secretary Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc announced that convicted prisoner Theo Yasause was seen on three different occasions. The most recent was yesterday.

Yasause (pictured) was sentenced to 30 years jail in 2012 bythe national court overthe murder of a former rugby league star in Port Moresby, in 2011.

The killing was after an argument at a night club in Port Moresby. It was a high profile case that had keen following inthe country.

Yasause, a former Director of Climate Changewho comes from East Sepik province was eventually found guilty ofthe murder and was, imposed a 30-year custodial sentence.

Bet only after a year in jail, Yasause was reported to have been seen walking freely in public. It is not known how he was released.

This had Chief Secretary Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc hold a news conference yesterday to expressthe government’s anger over this matter.

The Commissioners of both Correctional Services and Police have been directed to havetheir men arrest Yasause on sight.

Sir Manasupe also directedthem to arrest correctional officers responsible for the release ofthe prisoner.

The Chief Secretary futher made it known thatthe government was aware of certain privileges accorded tothe prisoner, and had directed thatthese be withdrawn forthwith, but it appearsthese had not been followed.

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