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Concerns Over Flood on the Road

 by Mi Ripota Michael Awaliye

“Due to heavy downpour on the night of Saturday, June 30 till early hours of Sunday, the road between Unigate and Igam Barracks in Morobe province was heavily flooded.

There are no proper drainage system that could allow the flood water to flow. As a result the 1km unsealed road is seen as another riverbed.

The flood could not allow traffic to flow. Only big vehicles are able to drive through. The flood lasted some hours causing inconvenience for travellers or commuters. It affected business houses, homes, Industries, churches and schools along the road.

Even one vehicle was seen damaged by the flood in front of Unitech Gate bus stop.

The road has been neglected by government concerned for decades. The same road is also a big health concern for the settlers. During dry season it is very dusty affecting the homes, businesses and food crops along the road.

We call on Morobe Provincial government and Nawae District government to fix this road.”

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