Colgate Palmolive Aids PNG Foundation for Women’s Cancer

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The efforts of the PNG Foundation for Women’s Cancer received a boost through a K10,000 cheque donation from long-time partner and cancer advocate, Colgate Palmolive.

Upon receiving the cheque today in the presence of National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop, Palmolive General Manager John Wood, and cancer survivors, Obstetrics and Gynaecologist Dr Lutty Amos said the financial boost will go a long way in helping the work of the newly established clinic for women.

For seven years, Palmolive has been supporting Women’s Cancer Awareness Programs in various ways, including an awareness campaign in October this year, which raised K10,000 by donating five toea for every personal care product sold in that month.

Dr Lutty Amos from the PNG Foundation for Women’s Cancer says whilst the organisation is new, it aims to not only raise awareness, but also provide screening for women.

Theirs is a plight made desperate, given the fact that to date, the country still has no cancer policy on how to conduct effective awareness, screen, and treat all types of cancers.

However, National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop, says health care is a struggle for everyone, including people living in Port Moresby, hence a few programs are being mapped out to tackle the issue for Port Moresby residents.

Witnessing the presentation were several survivors, who expressed gratitude for the unified support of the PNG Foundation for Women’s Cancer and Colgate Palmolive Limited.

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