CLRC Embarks on Biggest Research in Legislative History

The Constitutional Law Reform Commission will embark on one ofthe biggest research inthe legislative history of Papua New Guinea


Duringthe Underlying Law Conference, Secretary for the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission, Dr. Eric Kwa, said a budget of K12 million has been submitted for the research.

This will see K2 million spent annually for the next five years to conductthe research, one that will be jointly conducted by representatives from all legal agencies.


“We want to spend at least one year in a province talking to allthe Wards, LLG’s and Districts, and we pick uptheir customs and recordthem and see how we can mover it throughthe Underlying Act of 2000 to declarethem atthe LLG and Provincial level,” said Kwa.

“Maybe in a given point in time, we mightthen achievethe Vision of Papua New Guineaunder Goal Number Five – The Papua New Guinea Way,” he said.

The team will research different traditional practices and customs in five nominated provinces. This will includethe different ways to pay for bride price and hauskrai rituals among thers.


The results will be formulated to developthe underlying laws oPNG, one that is currently an Act.


The research will seethe transformation of custom practices into legislation or recognised laws oncethe Constitutional Law Reform Commission givesthe OK thatthese laws can be used.


Lawyers will also be trained on how to incorporatethe Underlying Laws


Dr. Kwa saysthe approach is to re-enforcethe functions ofthe Commission that is to review Lawsas it is a constitutional requirement and this can only be done if and when directed bythe Head of State.


The research will start next year and will run for a period of five years.

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