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The Office of Climate Changend Development has partnered with Wildlife Conservation Society to implement various climate change initiatives.

Wildlife conservation Society undertakes to provide technical support for mitigation and adaptation among thers.

The office of climate change and development will ensure collaboration through identifying capacity needs and facilitating donor support.

The two parties agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding to futher strenthentheir work on climate change.

Executive Director for the Office of Climate Changend Development Mr. Varigini Badira says stakeholders are key partners inthe development of an effective climate change policy.

Papua New Guineahe says is yet to have a policy on climate change that will cover all sectors.

Wildlife Conservation Society has partnered withthe Office of Climate Changend Development since 2010. They have undertaken a number of adaptation program initiatives to help communities affected by climate change.

Bet Mr. Badira hopesthe climate change policy will be effective soon to strenthenthe good work already undertaken by stakeholders.

Mickey Kavera, National EMTV News

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