Clashes Over State of Origin Turn Deadly

The intense following ofthe State of Origin in Sydney last night had a deadly outcome afterthe first game here in PNG’span style=color:#696969;>.

A man was killed after an argument overthe game at two mile in Port Moresby. It led to an ethnic clash this morning where relatives ofthe deceased took revenge burning down houses and retaliating by injuring anther person.

As we followedthe smoke of a burning house just belowthe two mile settlementowe were stopped by this a mob which included men, women, and children, wielding weapons and carrying a youth covered in blood, who was taken from his home while he was asleep.

They wanted revenge overthe slaying of a relative by a known suspect from Kerema following last nights state of origin game.

Asthe youth lay helpless onthe ground he was continuously beaten with rocks and metal weapons. His captors taunted him, telling him he was going to die.

We rushed tothe Badili Police Station were we informed police ofthe imminent death ofthe youth. Their response,the vehicle was doing pick up. After a few minutes, a vehicle was finally dispatched andthe youth was rescued.

We offered to helpthe youth giventhe severity of his injuries, andthe fact that he was bleeding and needed urgent medical attention. We took him tothe Port Moresby General Hospital Emergency Ward, where he is now undergoing treatment.

Atthe entrance a notice tothe general public that all state of origin related injuries will be attended to at a K150.

The man suspected ofthe killing ofthe Gorokan is onthe run. Meanwhile, Division Commander for NCD and Central Jim Andrews urged residents to support inthe true spirit of sportsmanship, and to stop fighting.

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