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City Manager defends rangers’ actions as Mum cries for justice over injured sons

By Elizah Palme – EMTV Online

Image: One of the injured boys being treated in hospital. 

Port Moresby City Manager Bernard Kipit defends the City Rangers’ actions shifting the blame as the guardian of the assaulted boys seeks justice for her sons who were badly beaten and hospitalized last weekend at the new-look Ela Beach Boulevard.

Lucielle Paru, aunt and legal guardian of Evan Miria, Naime Miria, John Quinne, and Madlyn Quinnie is seeking justice for her children who were assaulted by NCDC’s City Rangers at Ela Beach in Port Moresby.

According to a media report today (September 26, 2018), the incident which occurred on the afternoon of Sunday, September 23 saw John, Evan, Naime, and Madlyn were harassed for not walking on the footpath and later attacked savagely with iron rods and PVC pipes by a group of City Rangers employed by the NCDC.

“My sons and daughter were walking at Ela Beach heading for an afternoon Service when attacked by NCD City Rangers on Sunday at 4 pm.” Ms. Paru said. “NCD Governor Powes Parkop I demand justice for an unwarranted and complete, unjustified attack for no crime committed at all.”

Lucielle wants City Rangers who were involved to be brought to face charges and compensate for damages and almost killing her sons and abusing her niece.

However, in defense of the City Rangers’ actions, Mr. Kipit said: “these types of incidents or physical abuse is not initiated by the security officers but always provoked by the other side and always end up in violation of code of conduct by both sides.”

City Manager’s Incident Report

The ‘Incident Report’ produced by the City Manager claimed that those who been involved in the incident were drunk and have gone over the blockade and parked at Ela Beach car park from Mobil Service Station end.

“There was a white Ford 4 X 4 parked at first at Ela Beach car park from Mobil Service Station end… They were already drunk and drinking from the car at about 5 pm. One of our security guard politely asked them to leave the beach as the beach is closed for public and they are doing something that is not allowed. He got punched by a drunkard, who is nursing a broken tooth. The mobs started mobs started picking on our guards and the fight broke out. Another of their car came to their rescue and used metal pieces and other objects to fight with our guards. Our guards retaliated and became nasty. Our guards reported the matter to Town Police. Six of our guards sustained injuries with broken arm and tooth.”

The City Manager says this particular incident reported on social media and mainstream media is a result of the family’s violation to the basic rules. He further said when people do not listen, the task of defending rights become dangerous and nasty.

Dear Mr. Bernard Kipit

Ms. Paru, responded to the City Manager’s press statement saying the four youngsters were walking from home to the St Mary’s Catholic Church and they were not drunk nor driving in a car as claimed.

“We are aware the beach is opened to public on the 12th September 2018. Your Incident Report is not even anywhere close to the incident in which my children were brutally attacked in. These children did not drive but were on foot. Nor were the children drunk. They had walked down from Konedobu to attend Evening Mass.”

Lucielle told EMTV Online, the four were attacked at 4 pm not near the Mobil Service Station but further up near to Ela Beach Hotel. According to her, the ‘Doctors Report’ shows no alcohol in all the four youngsters. She said, “My brother Henry Miria and I will be happy to sit with you and present medical reports to show you the extent of force and brutality used on my boys.”

“I look forward to sitting with either you (City Manager), the Governor, the City Rangers’ Manager and Police.”

Lucielle, who is a popular Papua New Guinean activist who frequents the social media platform, Facebook to advocate issues, has drawn a lot of comments from her recent outburst on the Social Network regarding this incident.

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