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Chuave MP Focused on Agriculture Sector

By Edwin Fidelis – EM TV, Lae

Chuave MP, Wera Mori says the government should focus on the country’s renewable sector.

Mr Mori named the SME sector as a “launchpad” for many Papua New Guineans living through a subsistence lifestyle.

Minister for Treasury, Patrick Pruaitch has also reaffirmed the national government’s plan to support the SME, calling it, “a policy with value.”

In recent years, much of the attention has been given to the non-renewable sector, such as the LNG in the Hela Province. The treasurer says equal focus will also be given to the renewable sector, to support the non-mineral rich areas of the country.

So that when Papua New Guinea’s economy grows, they too grow with it.

“The approach we take is to directly empower our people by providing seed capital… I come from a remote district. Putting money in the bank for the people to go and get will be next to impossible”, Mr Mori said.

Chuave District in the Chimbu province shares a provincial boundary with Eastern Highlands province. Its location offers exotic views from the Elimbari range, with the Highlands Highway running through the district.

A large population of the people are living next to the highway and have easy access to government services at the Chuave government station.

An even larger population reside in the interior of the district where there is relatively good land for crop cultivation. The people rely on coffee farming and gardening for an income.

However, proper road infrastructure is what has been lacking over the years.

The district is now planning to develop an economy that centres on human resource development and agriculture.

On Friday, Wera Mori, the Chuave MP announced the district’s plan to support the agriculture sector through the SME.

He is also asking for a rural-based focus where priority is given to the bulk of the population living in the remote interior with limited road access.

The Treasury Minister, Patrick Pruatich, who accompanied the Chuave MP, has announced the national government’s intention to support small businesses in the country.

“The biggest challenge for us as a country is working together. Getting the public service machinery to align themselves with the political leadership”, the treasurer said.

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