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Chuave Acquits 2014 DSIP

by Jack Lapauve Jr –  EMTV News, Port Moresby

The Districts and provinces throughout the country will completely develop, if District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) funds allocated by the National Government are managed and used wisely.

Chuave MP, Wera Mori, highlighted this during the presentation of his 2014 DSIP and DSG (District Support Grants) acquittal reports to the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) yesterday.  

MP Mori said the DSIP program was seen as the overarching financial input for service delivery both socially and economically for Chuave district, in Chimbu Province.

Mr. Mori said that all funds must be controlled at the ground level to ensure DSIP funds are used wisely for effective service delivery.

“Therefore, we have done many road projects, schools and Chuave Hospital infrastructures. More attention has been given to road infrastructure developments; meaning some of the funds from other sectors were shifted to these. This opens economic corridors for rural communities where Formal and Informal Business transactions are taking place to improve living standards,” he said.

MP Mori also said that many projects cannot be delivered on time because of commercial (BSP) banks becoming another auditor,checking and verifying every single document that accompanies the DSIP cheque and that becomes an impediment to the service delivery or defeats the entire process.

“We want to ensure all basic Government Services are restored and our people need to have some level of comfort in their rural communities. Improve all existing and new roads or bridges conditions for easy accessibility for all road users where this can open economic corridor for our people in the rural settings,” he said.

Chuave was the second district in Chimbu Province, and it is the fourth in the country, to submit their 2014 DSIP/DSG acquittal report.

The district also submitted their 2015 budget which structured to improve service delivery by improving service centres (roads/bridges, schools & health centres), improving business activities via SME.



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