Child Protection Vital

The Catholic Church has to ensurethe protection of children priority important.

It has begun awareness talks and child protection programs aimed at helping individuals, families and communities reflect on problems of child abuse.

The Child Protection Policy is to guidethe Catholic Church and its institutions. It will give advice for good conduct for priests, religious and Church workers intheir relationship with children. 

The Catholic Church see’sthe need to train men and women to carry out child protection awareness programs in both English and Tok Pisin for people in all walks of life.

Parliament passed a strong and comprehensive law concerning child protection in 2009 called Lukautim Pikinini Act 2009. 

IPNGyoung person is legally a child untilthe age of eighteen.  Many children face a variety of dangerous threats ontheir way to adulthood.

Lukautim Pikinini Act 2009 describes different kinds of child abuse, which can be grouped in several general categories:

•         physical abuse of a child,

•         sexual abuse of a child,

•         emotional abuse of a child, and

•         neglect of a child.

Live and learn a Child rights NGO based in West New Beitain Province says children need to be giventhe same respect as adults.

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