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June 26, 2022
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Charles Abel: 'I remain committed to the PNC led coalition'

“These are a difficult political times. One’s got to weigh up various issues. Consider electorate, consider district and ultimately consider country. “I’ve always said that everything I do…The family I come from… the legacy we have is based on good Christian principles and hard work and service to the people.  I bring all these things to the decisions that I make. “In this difficult time I want to say that PNC remains a solid team.” It’s not clear at this stage what  the Government coalition will do to counter the vote of no confidence. But Mr. Abel said the camp already has 60 members secured to  fight off the challenge. He has also given a commitment that the PNC led coalition has taken into account the concerns raised by MPs who  defected to the Laguna camp  and that the government would work to resolve those issues.

“As a team, we  will continue to respond to those issues. So in such a time like this, it is my duty to ensure that there is continuing stability in the country and we need to continue to work on the many good things that our party and the coalition partners have done. “I want to thank our coalition partners who continue to stand by us in times such as these.”
Mr. Abel defended the Prime Minister saying the country  has problems and it is a very difficult time being a prime minister.
“We all aspire to be prime minister and I think have made the job of being a prime minister and the job of development even more difficult. “So it is my job to stand with my brothers in this party… despite some of the concerns that I have. Ultimately, we have to stick together as a team and ensure that there is the stability required to develop our country.”

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