Cassava Project Rejuvenated

The recent announcement bythe government to focus on Agriculture inthe country has rejuvenatedthe Casava project inthe Central Province.

A memorandum of understanding was signed betweenthe Central province government and Korean Company Changhae Engineering.

The Project will mover into downstream processing and will seethe erecting of a multi kina Starch plant and an Ethanol plant.

All central province lLeadersexceptthe Kairuku Hiri MP were seen rubbing shoulders withthe Korean delegation. The government will negotiate withthe company for the provincial government to have a bigger slice ofthe Casava business.

Member for Rigo and minister for Transport Ano Pala say this time aroundthe MOU will provide for Central Province to participate inthe project.

Underthe MOUthe focus will be on an out-growers program whichthe former arrangements did not focus wholly on. This will allow individuals withinthe district to become more involved and be active participants through sourcingthe nucleus estate with raw materials.

The Governor for Central Province says lLeadersip is paramount to mover projects of such magnitude.

Sir Puka Temu who was formerlythe Agricultural minister inthe former government that spearheadedthe Cassava projectoconfirmed Abau’s participation in allocating land for sourcingthe project.

He futher echoedthe government’s recent mover to support agriculture.

CEO of Changhae Enegeering Doo Pyo Chung saidthe company inthe past concentrated ontheir own efforts however now is looking to involvethe people andthe government and sharetheir technology.

A feasibility study is underway to seethe possibility of also setting up a shipping dock for exportingtheir end products.

Meredith Kuusa, National EMTV News

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