Caretaker Cabinet

Yesterday evening after the first parliament sitting was adjourned, a nine men caretaker cabinet, including Prime Minister Peter O’Neil, was sworn in at Government House by Governor General Sir Michael Ogio.

The nine members of parliament who will be working alongside Prime Minister O’Neil include


  1. Member for Kandep and leader of THE party Don Polye,
  2. Member for Aitape Lumi and leader of National Alliance Patrick Pruaitch,
  3.  Member for Kavieng Open Ben Micah,
  4. Member for Abau Open and Our Development party leader Sir Puka Temu,
  5. Member for Kompiam-Ambun Open John Pundari,
  6. Member for Tari-Pori Open James Marape,
  7. Member for Hagen Open William Duma,
  8. Member for Tewai-Siassi Open Mao Zeming and Member for Alotau Open Charles Abel

The caretaker cabinet will oversee the country’s affairs until the next parliament sitting on August 22nd and government sources say port folios will be given to the caretaker ministers soon.

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