Callan Services Marks 25 Years of Serving Persons with Disabilities

by Michelle Amba – EM TV, Port Moresby

The Network of Callan Services for Persons with Disabilities marked its 25 years silver jubilee, for services provided in Papua New Guinea, particularly in the health and education sector.

The Callan Services has been instrumental in the development of PNG’s fourth official language, sign language.

The network was also an important player, introducing the Inclusive Education Policy, formulated and adapted by the National Education Department.

The network has 22 centres nationwide, providing education for students with special needs and training special education teachers.

The network of Callan Services celebrated its 25 years of existence at Don Bosco in Port Moresby.

It’s services are facilitated by and supported by Catholic church Congregation of Christian Brothers. The network was established in 1991; an initiative of Br.Graeme Leach in response to the education needs of children who were deaf and blind.

Today the Network has 150 teaching positions filled by commissioned teachers at all its 18 special education resource centres.

The special education resource centres are mandated under the special education policy. The Catholic Bishops of PNG have supported the network, allowing 16 of the centres to be established under the Catholic Education Agencies.

Being part of the network is not about just earning a living however, for many, Callan is all about having the heart for the needy and serving with love.

For Rose Kehanie, serving the blind and the deaf is a passion she got involved with even before joining the network. For an Highlander she has followed her hear to be where she is.

Like many committed church run and non-government organisations in the country,Callan services has reached far and wide covering the nation with its health and education programs ,just because of one person’s passion to reach the deaf and the blind.

The education department has pledged its support for the network, commending the hard work and sweat put into providing quality education.

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