Call for Provincial Fisheries Board to be set up

Governor for Milne Bey Tit’s Philemon has called onthe Fisheries Ministry to set up provincial fisheries boards.

He reasoned that some maritime provinces require provincial governments to control fishing activities.

Governor Embel asked Fisheries Mao Zeming whatthe status of setting up fisheries boards was.

He added that some ofthe National Fisheries Authority’s powers should be handed down to provincial fisheries boards to complimentthe government’s mover to transfer some powers to lower levels of government.

For example powers to set quotas on fishing licenses and monitoring fishing activities be transferred tothe provincial fisheries boards.

Minister Zeming said he has already instructedthe NFA board to carry this out.

A group of consultants have been directed to reviewthe 1998 Fisheries Act. This legislation and relating laws will be reviewed and acted upon accordingly.

Salome VincentoNational EMTV News

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