Buk Bilong Pikinini goes to Lae

Bek Belong Pikinini has been hidden force behind campaigns to endthe illiteracy inthe country. It has been persistent with its campaign overthe years.

And now ground staffs believPNG’s illiteracy rate can be decreased if educational centers such astheirs at UNITECH can be extended nationwide.

Not allthe children in Papua New Guineaknow how to read and write. Some ofthem have only been as far as grade 2.

Miriam Ben and Mary Laskam are two ofthe four ground staff looking afterthe Bek Belong Pikinini Library in Lae.

They have withthe children’sincethe centre was established a month ago. They saythere is a need to address of children who can’t afford to get into Papua New Guinearsquo;s formal education system.

According to Papua New Guinearsquo;s government’statistics, a contributing factor towardPNG’s low national growth isthe low literacy rate of about 1% compared tothe population growth of about 3%.

Illiteracy had become a growing concern.

Negal Nia,the Regional Coordinator ofthe Lae Bek Belong Pikinini Library atthe UNITECH campus saysthe program was established to tacklPNG’s illiteracy problem.

He also believes, it isn’t just about helping to cut onthe illiteracy rate in PNG but in places like Lae where Law and Order is a big problemthey also encourage children to challengethe negative perceptions ofthe city.

Edwin Fidelis, National EMTV News – LAE

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