Buk Bilong Pikinini Film Launched

The Bek Belong Pikinini concept has received much praise for positive outcomes it has gained in increasing literacy rates among young children and adults who have had little or no basic formal education.


ABe’s Pacific nia Nugent.

The 30 minute film highlighted how Bek Belong Pikinini centers have changedthe lives and outlook of many children and parents throughthe world of books. It also illustrated why some children are not able to learn to read and write.


“What I hope to reflect inthe documentary is that passion and belief in Bek Belong Pikinini. And, throughthe voices andthe stories ofthe people it has touched, what I hope to show in this film is just where your support is going, just who its reaching, and just how much it is changing people’s lives for the better,” said Tania.

Bek Belong Pikinini was started in 2007 to give Papua New Guinea children a chance at up scalingtheir literacy levels. One ofthe problems highlighted was thaPNG does not have proper data on literacy rates. And so Bek Belong Pikinini was established to cover as many children as it could.


The Bek Belong Pikinini also conducts programs for illiterate and semi-illiterate adults. Yetthe emphasis on children is to create a generation that can read and write fluently, especially for communities whose children have no opportunity to attend school.


The film showed that children who have had no form of basic literacy skills were able to read some and write in English after six months of attending.


Prime Minister Peter O’Neill was a guest atthe film launch. He was impressed with howthe concept has given many parentsthe opportunity to seetheir children receive an education.


The Prime Ministerthen pledged two-hundred and fifty-thousand kina to Bek Belong Pikinini to continuetheir work aroundthe country.


Bek Belong Pikinini has 15 centers currently operating in five provinces.


He said withthe ten-million funding to each district in PNG he will encourage members of parliament to establish Bek Belong Pikinini centers intheir electorates in future.

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