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Buimo Prisoners Escape Report

By Bethanie Harriman – EM TV, Lae

On the list released by the Buimo Jail are the names of the escapees, their offences ranging from wilful murder and rape.

The prisoners are from the High security compound, men that were going to spend many years in jail for the crimes that they have committed.

59 of them are still at large after sixty-eight made a dash for freedom during last weeks Friday heavy down pour.

Nine were recaptured on the same day.

A brief report released by Buimo’s high command revealed that on 5th May, prison guards received intelligence of a planned mass break out.

Bumio Commander, Judy Tara, said in the report that shift duty guards were made aware of the planned mass escape on the 6th of May, but they failed to perform their duty diligently, allowing the mass escape to occur.

The report released also stated how the sixty-eight managed to escape the high security compound.

The escapees took advantage of a second gate left open, which allowed low risk prisoners to use the mess, in the high risk compound.

They climbed a old rusting fence and dashed through the single quarters of the prison guards before passing the marriage quarters and into nearby settlements.

The report also stated that a armed post guard could have shot the escaping detainees. He fired warning shots instead.

A team from the Papua New Guinea Correctional Services headquarters will travel to Lae to conduct a full investigation in the following weeks.

Police and CIS Officers are now calling on the general public to assist a mini-operation to recapture the escape convicts.

Lae Police are heavily involved in a recapturing the fifty nine escapees, most of which are from the high security compound.

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