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Buimo Clinic Closed

Buimo Road Clinic in Lae has been closed for more than three months now.

The clinic was closed due to water disconnections, toilet blockages and insufficient funds to pay for electricity bills.

More than four thousand people have been affected by the closure of the clinic.

The Buimo Urban Clinic located at Bundicamp in Lae has been closed for more than three months.

The clinic was closed after the water was disconnected due to outstanding bills and blocked sewerage system.

The health officers working there are currently only attending to TB patients.

Because of the closure, patients and residents of the area seeking medical services from Angau Hospital and other clinics in the city, are not treated and asked to return back to Biumo Ubran Clinic.

It turned out emotional for a 13-year-old student, Betty Simon, who could not get supplies of Panadol from the clinic for her grandmother.

A youth from the area, Maninga Kende, says each individual plays a role in taking care of the clinic and the staff.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer for Lae District Development Authority, Robin Calistus, says the OIC of the clinic has consulted with him regarding the situation of the clinic.

Calistus said though Lae City Authority is responsible for the closure of the clinic, the District Development Authority will step in to cover for the cost in order for the clinic to operate.

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