Building boom in Wabag Town

Enga’s provincial Capital, Wabag town is experiencing a building and construction boom.

A three story office complex,the new Wabag Town Market and a new privately owned service station arethe new eye catching structures that compliment,the signature buildings ofthe Provincial Government,the BeP Bank building andthe National Court house.

Meters away fromthe town’s tallest structure –the Ipatas Centre or commonly known asthe “Green House” – are preparatory works for an upcoming multi-million kinathee storey office complex that will housethe Ipatas Foundation.

The Ipatas Foundation holds assets for the Enga Children’s Fund and sales for the provincial government’s equity share inthe Pogera Joint Venture gold mining project inthe province.

Onthe ther side ofthe town, separated by Kop creek in between isthe new privately- owned Wabag service station-the first of its kind in town – that is set to open anytime soon.

 Behind it isthe new Wabag Town Marketostill under construction.Initiated and early construction phase started off bythe former Wabag MP, Sam Abal, it has been taken on board by his successor, Robert Ganim.

Mr Ganim is adamant to havethe project completed soon.

These are but additional colours and features tothe construction industry of this booming highlands township that has already boastedthe stylish structures inthe likes ofthe newly- commissioner Enga Teacher’s College at Irelya-home of Enga Governor, Peter Ipatas – andthe Takanada Museum Centre.

With more structures to pop up, consumer demand for electricity and energy is set to increase.

This is also being looked into bythe local MP, Robert Ganim.

Alice Thomas, National EMTV News

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