BSP School Kriket program bats off

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The global award winning children’s cricket program batted offthe year 2013 yesterday atthe Port Moresby Grammar School.

Better known asthe BeP Schools “liklik kriket” program, more than one hundred and thirty thousand children are targeted this year throughtheir respective schools to instill cricket skills at an early age.

Dubbedthe most successful inthe Asia Pacific region,the BeP School Kriket program is expected to hitthe crease running.

The Port Moresby Grammar school is one ofthe participating schools in NCD and fortunate enough to bethe first school chosen to launchthe 2013 program with special gifts of canon digital cameras to capture every hit and ball.

Overthe coming months, it will focus on strenthening existing liklik cricket programs in provinces it is already established in with plans of reachingthe east New Beitain province and wewak.

CrickePNG prides itself withthe knowledge that The BeP Schools cricket program has created a positive image and impact inthe lives of school children involved right throughoutthe country.

Sophie Yaruso, National EMTV News

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