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Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment thanks to Oxygen Test that Detect Tumour


By Samantha Semoso – EMTV Online

A potential breakthrough in spotting tumour growth has been revealed.

Researchers from the University of Manchester and The Institute of Cancer Research in London have discovered a new cancer test that could revolutionise early detection on dangerous tumours, stopping the spread and potentially saving thousands of lives.

The new imaging test spots the most aggressive cancerous tumours before they have the chance to spread, and will give much needed hope to future cancer patients, the study finds.

This exciting breakthrough could mean dangerous tumours are dealt with quickly, and in turn enable doctors to plan more effective courses of radiotherapy.

Scientists from the University of Manchester and The Institute of Cancer Research in London set out to develop magnetic resonance imagining (MRI) technology able to map areas of oxygen deprivation within tumours.

They called the new technology, oxygen-enhanced MRI. The researchers explain that hypoxia – a deficiency in the amount of oxygen reach tissue in the body – is often a sign that cancer is growing aggressively.

Using the technology, scientists were able to map the hypoxia in tumours by monitoring alterations in image intensity caused by fluctuations in the concentration of dissolved oxygen in blood plasma and tissue fluid.

Study co-leader Dr. Simon Robinson, of The Institute of Cancer Research, said: “Our technique uses MRI technology to detect tumors with areas of oxygen depletion, which tend to be more aggressive and more resistant to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

“By combining different techniques such as imaging and radiotherapy, these promising results can be translated into benefits for patients in the years ahead.”  Robinson said.



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