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BiHip Network Marketing, A Solution for Health and Finances

Papua New Guineans can be wealthy and healthy at the same time through Bihip Global, a business opportunity specializing in the distribution of herbal products. In an awareness at Lamana Hotel, National Team Leader, Emmanuel Labi, said the Bihip Products are not medicines but nutritional supplements that can give the body the necessary nutrients it requires.

Mr Labi said the business opportunities enable local entrepreneurs to sell the products directly and generate income as well. There is big talk about growing the SME Sector but there must be practical ways in which Papua New Guineans can be actively involved. The Bihip Global Marketing Network is one such avenue where people can sell their herbal products and generate income.


 The products include Blue Energy Blend, Noni Gia, Red and Pink Premium Mixer among others. They help to rejuvenate the body and energies it. Each product has its benefits to overcome fatigue or lack of energy through to regrowth of hair and helps weight loss. It also boosts the immune and digestive system to break down food easily and remove toxins from the body.


National Team Leader Emmanuel Labi said each product has its own points, so when customer’s purchase any one product, the distributor’s points accumulate and they get paid in US Dollars. The Bihip Global Marketing is an American based company that specializes in the production of herbal and nutritional intakes.


As most household cannot afford to buy fruits every day, Mr Labi says, the Bihip Products can be taken as nutritional supplements. He says the benefits are economical and provides enhanced health, not only the customers but for the distributors too, if they consume the products too. The Bihip Global Marketing Network has different teams operating in the city such as the Life Herb Distributors. They can be found at Vision City, Seeto Kui, Chin H Min, Brian Bell and Digicel.

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