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Bibi Primary School Struggling To Operate

By Colleen Barilae – EM TV News, Lae

Bibi Primary School in the Nawaeb District of Morobe is struggling to fund its operations.

School Board of Management Chairman, Kolas Kope, revealed the school had followed the education department’s announcemen’s not to charge project fees this year.

However, it has left the rural school with no money to operate as it continues to face delays in receiving education funds from the government.

The school, established in the 1980s, is struggling to keep its doors open with most of its buildings and teachers’ houses all run down.

Some of its buildings have been in the same decrepit’state for a very long time.

Kope says the school faced a lot of funding constraints this year following the education department’s continuous change in education policies on project fees.

“What’s important is that if project fees are stopped, the government must be prompt in TFF paymen’s to help schools’ administration, it’s a problem we face this year,” the Chairman said.

Some teachers at the school have also been put on hold from teaching after living in incomplete staff houses that were built this year.

Most of the school’s education projects such as EQUITV and classroom renovations have been put on hold as well, pending requests that have been sent for assistance in its completions.

The school has enrolled over 200 students with seven teachers available for each grade respectively.

But head teacher, Isom Amris, reveals the school did not charge projects fees this year resulting in most of its operations being affected.

Bibi Primary School’s administration and board of management hopes the government fully meets its free education policy ideas this year.

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