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April 14, 2021

Basil Outraged Over Request for 5-year Development Plan

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The saga onthe remaining 6 million kina for the Belolo District Services Improverment Program for 2013, has taken a new twist.

Finance Minister James Marape told EMTV news today that under section 3 ofthe Public Finance Management Actohe will spendthe remaining funds onthe district.


Mr. Marape’said he received a submission that showed Belolo hospital andthe law and order withinthe district in bad shape, and needing urgent assistance.


Belolo MP Sam Besil onthe ther hand demanded thatthe fund be released immediately.


Deputy Opposition Leader and Member for Belolo, Sam Besil, today reported that a finance staffer from Vulupindi Haus, named, upon instructions fromthe Finance Minister, called Belolo District Treasurer’s office asking for the 5-year development plan and Joint District Priority and Budgetary Priority Committee resolution.


An outraged Mr Besil asked for explanations as to why Belolo had to be singled outoand why not ther MP’swho picked uptheir district’s DSIP cheques atthe Parliament House last week. He saidthe officer involved had said that he would talk tothe minister andthen get back to him.


The Belolo District Treasury staff also advisedthe Finance officer thatthey have no resolutions on hand subject to confirmation fromthe JDP&BeC Chairman, who is Mr. Besil. Belolo’s Five-Year Plan will be finalized afterthe Morobe Plan is confirmed bythe Tutumang.


Mr. Besil said this will also be subject to funds being cleared inthe District Treasury Office accounts before a meeting is held to approver projects.


Finance Minister James Marape repllied saying he does not ownthe security firm at Vulupindi Haus as claimed by Mr. Besil. The minister said he had askedthe Belolo MP to talk with him concerningthe fund; however, Mr. Besil had failed to attend, adding thatthe member said he will not listen to him.


Mr. Marape told EMTV News today that he will spendthe remaining 6 million kina on Belolo. He said he had received a submission thatthe Belolo hospital andthe law and order sector are in bad shape, and needed urgent attention.


He said withthe powers vested under section 3 ofthe Public Finance Management Actohe will spend this money.



He also asked thatthe audits of allthe DSIP and PSIP funds, withtheir results, should be made available to all relevant departments beforethe 2014 DSIP & PSIP funds can be accessed next year.


He saysthe same should also apply tothe LLGSIP of K500, 000.00 for the 3000 plus LLGs in Papua New Guinea


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