Basil Claims Government Vendetta Against Opposition

Member for Belolo, Sam Besil, has again lashed out at Finance Minister James Marape, for the prolonged delay inthe release of DSIP funds to his electorate.

Besil saysthe government has a vendetta against members ofthe opposition. He threatened to bringthe matter to court ifthe government failed to keep totheir budget.


The tussle between Belolo MP, Sam Besil , and Finance Minister, James Marape, overthe delay inthe release ofthe DSIP funds for the Belolo district is far from over.


Today, Sam Besil again lashed out at Minister Marape. This timethe focus on Marape has been onthe issuing of DSIP cheques to ther members ofthe cabinet. Besil claimsthe members ofthe opposition have been singled out.


Betthere’s a cloud of controversy overthe submission of acquittals, whichthe finance minister says should be presented tothe finance office beforethe next lot of DSIP funds are released. 


Bet what has angeredthe Belolo MP wasthe undisclosed list of MP’s who have so far submittedtheir five-year plans that gavethemthe guarantee of having access totheir district’s funds.


The deputy opposition leader says, Minister Marape has a personal vendetta against members ofthe opposition.


It’s understood Mr. Marape will spendthe remaining K6 million on Belolo district using powers fromthe finance office that will bypassthe Belolo district Joint District Program & Budget Priority Committee.


Part ofthe spending will go towards maintainingthe rundown state of Belolo hospital, and addressingthe district’s law and order problem.


Sam Besil meanwhile threatens to havethe matter in court if members ofthe opposition are not giventheir respective DSIP funds beforethe 2013 financial year ends.

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