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Baisu Commander: Baisu Jail Overcrowded

By Vasinatta Yama – EMTV News, Mt Hagen


The Commander of the Baisu Jail in Western Highlands, Timbi Kaugla, is urging the Provincial Governors of the four Highlands Provinces to address law and order problems in their Provinces.

These Provinces are Enga, Hela, Southern Highlands, and Jiwaka.

Kaugla said Baisu Jail is overcrowded, as it has been housing prisoners from other provinces.

Prison overcrowding is becoming a norm in many Correctional Institutions in the country and Baisu jail is no exception. About 80 percent of prisoners and remandees at Baisu, are from Enga Province.

Jail Commander, Timbi Kaugla, says Enga and Jiwaka do not have a Provincial Jail, and all its remandees and prisoners are transferred to Mt Hagen.

The overcrowding is already impacting the jail’s water supply capacity, threatening the lives of the prisoners.

Both overcrowding and the Country’s economy not generating enough revenue has caused the prison to run out of food, cooking and eating utensils, and blankets.

Last Friday, the Restoration Justice Initiative from Porgera Gold Mine, donated eating utensils, blankets, volleyball balls and nets to Baisu prisoners.

Baisu Prison is currently putting a halt to receiving new prisoners from outside centers. It is already holding more than 300 prisoners which is way beyond its capacity. Most of the prisoners are illegal miners from Porgera.

The recent donation by the Restoration Justice Initiative is the first of its kind, but PJV will continue to help Baisu Jail rehabilitate its prisoners.

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